Our approach
less is more

Our approach
Less is more

Our approach

We design and build multi-storey Cree buildings in our home markets of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. We source and utilise local supply chains and building resources for the design and construction of our Cree buildings. We firmly believe that less is more – so the Cree building system aims to make the best use of available space, while at the same time focusing on individual design preferences and integrated mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems.

This ensures maximum flexibility when it comes to upgrading building components during the lifecycle of the Cree building. The new skills gathered during the design, prefabrication and construction processes are combined with our innovative building technology and optimised material usage. In every project, our clients benefit from our knowledge, market expertise and experience in value engineering.

Outside of our home markets, we provide consultancy services to architects, developers and construction companies, who are working on their first Cree building project. Cree’s design & build team is on hand to help with initial feasibility studies for tenders and will assist with the submission of alternative designs. Our clients are supported and guided by Cree’s design & build team during the planning, prefabrication and construction phase of the pilot project.

Cree also grants exclusive licensing rights: general construction companies can obtain a territorial license from Cree. The technology transfer is synchronised with licensees in combination with a pilot project.

Create a new market for your company with Cree.

Our licensees are building development and general construction companies with a focus on strategically expanding their portfolio to include multi-storey timber-hybrid buildings and who are willing to accommodate inquiries and ideas from local architects and developers.

Cree helps every licensee to identify and certify its local supply chain for its precast concrete and carpentry requirements. This enables the production of the various Cree components, including columns, slabs and facade elements. We are the experts in ensuring the quality and cost optimisation of our building projects, and new knowledge and lessons learned are shared with our licensees via Cree’s online platform.

In order to reduce the carbon footprint of its buildings, Cree uses standard building products, which can easily be sourced within the local market, creating greater independence for the licensee and enabling a shift away from imports.


Cree has trademarked and patented its intellectual property. Licensees, local architects and developers are allowed to use its corporate design and identity and are provided with additional exclusive marketing resources.