Bienvenue, Cree

Bienvenue, Cree

Austrian timber-hybrid construction specialist awards licence in Luxembourg for its pioneering construction system.

Dornbirn/Leudelange, 5 April 2018

The Compagnie De Construction Luxembourgeoise SA, based in Leudelange, has acquired the Cree licence for Luxembourg. CEO Jean Marc Kieffer and Managing Director Georges Thill signed the contract with Hubert Rhomberg, Managing Director, and Volker Weissenberger, Director of Licensing at Cree. Cree is consistently implementing its global expansion plans and can now welcome CDCL to the Cree network. The company now has exclusive access to a completely new, digital way of planning and constructing buildings. “Sustainability and increased efficiency in the construction process are currently an important issue for the building industry in Luxembourg. That’s why we are sure that the market will welcome our initiative towards timber-hybrid high-rise and modular construction,” explains Thill. The knowledge transfer between CDCL and Cree is already under way and a number of high-volume projects are already in the development phase. “We see ourselves as pioneers, systematically implementing our company’s strategy and growth trajectory,” adds Jean Marc Kieffer.

For the first time in Luxembourg, all construction projects are able to use the innovative timber-hybrid modular construction system and knowledge platform developed by Cree GmbH. Using this construction method, which relies heavily on timber, a naturally renewable raw material, the individual components such as ceilings, facades, structural columns or central service cores can be prefabricated to standardised designs and then simply have to be assembled at the building site. This saves resources, time, noise, dust and money. “This modular design also allows worldwide implementation, using local resources,” explains Hubert Rhomberg. “The creation of value locally is in the foreground here as much as the efficient use of resources in the construction process.”

Cree also uses cloud technology that allows interested parties to digitally display and organise prefabricated building modules, components, designs and complete solutions over time and space, modelling the whole lifecycle of a Cree building. The parties can enjoy unlimited use of the platform to plan, calculate and manage their construction projects. This “cybernetic desk” guarantees the key aspects for the construction industry – speed, cost assurance and quality.

General contractors and property developers such as CDCL can license the system and use it to secure a competitive advantage in their home market. “The Cree support team provided our own team with support for general planning, choosing the value chain, consent procedures and the construction process,” says Georges Thill, Managing Director. “We were impressed by their pragmatic approach and expertise.”

About Cree GmbH
Cree’s name is borrowed from one of North America’s First Nations, who lived in close harmony with nature, and it stands for Creative Resource & Energy Efficiency. As part of the internationally renowned Rhomberg Group, Cree is the natural result of four generations of building construction experience. The company, which was founded in 2010, aims to use innovative strategies to provide inspiration and ideas for improving the way we live and work with nature. New approaches are focused on reducing the use of resources and energy over the whole lifecycle of buildings, taking into account climate-protection requirements. The timber-construction specialist’s vision is a hybrid timber high-rise building reaching up 30 floors or 100 metres, boasting minimised resource and energy use from planning to dismantling. This is achieved through the LCT (LifeCycle Tower) system. With the LCT ONE office tower in Dornbirn and the Illwerke Zentrum Montafon in Vandans, Cree has already demonstrated twice over that the concept works under real conditions. The system was first implemented for residential construction in a combined commercial and residential building in Memmingen, Bavaria.

Cree awards license to Luxembourg