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Setting a new course at Rhomberg Ventures: Taras K. Rebet appointed CEO. Investment company already holds a stake in Cree GmbH and several projects.

“To find and support brilliant, sustainable ideas that will make our world truly future-proof”: With this aim in mind, Hubert Rhomberg, better known as CEO of the Austrian construction and rail technology company Rhomberg Holding, founded the holding company Rhomberg Ventures. Former Otto Bock Executive Taras K. Rebet has now signed up to this goal. The Munich-born American will be CEO of the company from now on.

In this role, this proven expert in strategic management, sales and marketing will be looking all over the world for social entrepreneurs deserving of support in the fields of construction, real estate, infrastructure and mobility, and urban development. Rebet explains that “ideas, concepts, business plans and innovations that focus on sustainability criteria,” are considered to be deserving of support. “They must also be economical with resources and sustainable as well as financially viable and successful.” If a candidate meets these criteria, they can benefit from the expertise, contacts and capital available from Rhomberg Ventures and receive support in matters such as business structuring, project financing and partnering. “Our aim is to create an awareness of sustainable technologies. We will create a value-based society, a network of clever ideas and minds, ensuring that all the great technologies that exist and are being developed every day around the world are made available to use in a way that is meaningful to people and the environment,” explains the new CEO.

The investors essentially want to be intentionally open to any input. “However, our core competence is clearly in the ‘Building, Space, Community’ sector, thanks to the biographical background of our founder, Hubert Rhomberg,” affirms Rebet. “Hubert is the fourth generation of his family to run a successful construction company and with Cree GmbH, our company’s biggest holding, he has already proven that resource-efficient, sustainable construction products can actually work under real economic conditions.” The world’s first timber hybrid building, almost considered a skyscraper, was built in 2012 using the LCT construction system developed by a Rhomberg spin-off, and there are now further buildings in Vandans (Austria), Memmingen (Germany) and Singapore.

Alongside the technical expertise and proven economic successes of all those involved, another factor in Rebet’s favour is Rhomberg Ventures itself: “Those at the head of the company have all acknowledged that the current economic concepts will not work for much longer without modification. They want to set value creation on a new footing and in doing so are brave enough to take a few risks and try things out.” This sense of mission is currently being applied by Rhomberg Ventures to drive forward a promising development in the field of digitisation and the “Internet of Things”: The “Aladeen” intelligent light is fitted with sensors and can be used in existing and new buildings as a plug-and-play addition to control all the building’s technology on the basis of the IoT, without the need for complex wiring.

Taras K. Rebet completed his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the University of Minnesota, before he joined Otto Bock in the USA as Assistant National Sales Manager. After he also obtained a Master of Business Administration from Carlson School of Management and the HEC in Paris, he held a number of worldwide posts in healthcare technology companies – including Export Manager in Germany, General Manager in Thailand, and Managing Director in Switzerland and Spain. All of this gives Rebet, who most recently held the post of President Western Europe at Otto Bock in Vienna, extensive knowledge of the management of international teams, acquisitions, turnaround management, and new business development and growth.

About Rhomberg Ventures
The investment company was founded by Hubert Rhomberg to support truly sustainable innovations and business ideas. Truly sustainable means that projects must meet both ecological and social, and also economic sustainability criteria. The focus of the investment activities is on the areas of “Urban Development”, “Real Estate and Construction” and “Infrastructure and Mobility” and is summarised by the company by the words “Building. Space. Community”. Social and impact entrepreneurs can benefit from the expertise, contacts and capital available from Rhomberg Ventures and receive support in matters such as business structuring, project financing and partnering. The aim is to create a value-based society and a network of clever ideas and minds, making more conscious and efficient use of the planet’s resources in a socio-economic context. The company’s biggest holding is Cree GmbH.

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