Hjertelig velkommen, Cree

Hjertelig velkommen, Cree

Austrian timber-hybrid construction specialist grants licence for its pioneering construction system in Denmark.

Wood Building Systems Aps, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lynge-based J. Jensen Holding Group, is to be Cree GmbH’s licence partner in Denmark. CEO Karsten Hjarsoe and Managing Director Frederik Spanning have already signed contracts with Cree’s Managing Director, Hubert Rhomberg, and Director of Licensing, Volker Weissenberger. The company now has exclusive access to the innovative digital method of constructing buildings. Denmark is, after Singapore, the second national market for which Cree has granted a licence. “Sustainability is a huge topic for the construction industry in Denmark at the moment. We are confident that our initiative for timber-hybrid high-rise and system construction will be well received here,” explained Hjarsoe. The Scandinavians are already working on their first two projects under the banner of the newly established company, Cree Denmark.

The first of these projects is a student hall of residence in the centre of Copenhagen, which will include 24 apartments over 6 floors, along with a roof terrace and café. Wood Building Systems also has plans to build a 2700 m2 commercial and residential complex to the north of the Danish capital. “We see ourselves as pioneers and we’re really excited about the work that lies ahead,” adds the new licence partner.

These two building projects will be the first time Cree GmbH’s innovative timber-hybrid system construction is used in Denmark. With this construction method, which relies heavily on timber as a renewable natural resource, individual components such as the ceiling, facade, pillars and central utility service shaft are pre-fabricated in standardised dimensions, and only require assembly on the construction site. This saves time, money and resources, and cuts dust and noise pollution. “Moreover, this system construction makes global deployment possible with regional resources,” explains Hubert Rhomberg. “Small and medium-sized companies will also be able to benefit from that.”

Cree also uses cloud technology that allows participants to digitally display and organise the prefabricated building units, components, designs and complete solutions over time and space, and thereby model the whole lifecycle of the Cree buildings. Participants can make unlimited use of the platform to plan, calculate and monitor their construction projects. Thanks to this cybernetic table, the key issues for the construction industry – speed, cost certainty and quality – are guaranteed.

With a licence, property developers and building contractors such as Wood Building Systems Aps can take advantage of the system and secure a leading edge in their home market. “The team at Cree provided us with truly expert advice and a thorough introduction to their system,” says Frederik Spanning, Managing Director. “We were really impressed by their professionalism and commitment.”