Scaling New "Heights" in Eunoia Junior College

Scaling New "Heights" in Eunoia Junior College

We are proud to present another successful project using Cree system solutions. Our partner Kimly Construction is glad to introduce Singapore’s first ‘high-rise’ junior college.

Given the land constraints, Singapore has no choice but to adopt high density development. The new campus of Eunoia Junior College (EJC) is located at 2 Sin Ming Place, Singapore, and has an estimated total Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 48,000m2, which is the first high-rise Public junior college constructed in Singapore.

Harnessing the benefits of DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) Continuum coupled towards the intention of low carbon construction, Kimly Construction initiated the use of Mass Engineered Timber (MET) in this development. Precast façade was converted to Sustainable Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) cladded with aluminium panels. Floor of the classrooms were built with CREE hybrid slab system instead of precast hollow core slab consisting precast concrete slab on Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam) beams.

The use of CREE hybrid slab systems provides enhancement of construction productivity, aesthetic and acoustic.

What is it then for this building? It is a combination of clever, functional and sustainable design from the MET that provides a calm and conducive environment for the students to play, learn and succeed.

Facts about Eunoia Junior College


Singapore, Bishan


Ministry of Education

Architect CPG


Singapore’s first ‘high-rise’ junior college

First School in Singapore with an elevated stadium

Extensive greenery with rooftop garden

Expansive open spaces and greenery lining on walls

Multiple floors of school separated with green spaces that are accessible for staff and students

Sustainable Elements:

CLT Façade and Cree Hybrid Slabs

Carbon footprint during construction stage:

Reduce in carbon footprint with the use of CLT Façade and Cree Hybrid Slab

Prefab Precast Sustainable Wall

Extensive use of environmentally friendly construction materials such as Recycled Concrete Aggregates and Washed Copper Slag

Environment-friendly building:

Achieved BCA GreenMark Platinum

High Performance water cooled system with design system efficiency of 0.58 kW/RT and VRV system of 0.7kW/RT

No west facing façade for non-air conditioned areas

Rainwater harvesting for irrigation

Natural Ventilation:

CFD simulation during design stage to ensure well ventilated classroom with adequate fresh air supply

Operating Costs:

Usage of high efficiency LED and T5 lighting with energy savings of 51.09%

Energy usage monitoring system