NEWS / 06/24/2019

CREE takes another step forward with a licence granted in Belgium.

CFE Contracting SA/NV is now a CREE GmbH licence holder for Belgium, with the respective contract having been signed by CEO Raymund Trost, Hubert...

NEWS / 05/13/2019

CREE plants trees in Berlin.

The partnership between CREE GmbH and the German Zech Group is now bearing fruit. The CREE system is going to be used in a major, prestigious project...

NEWS / 04/23/2019

Siemens Campus Erlangen: The Austrian company Cree GmbH is providing the expertise behind the erection of the second module using the timber-hybrid construction system

Cree’s LCT (LifeCycle Tower) system celebrates a new milestone: Bremen-based Zech Group GmbH has been working with Cree GmbH for almost a year on...

NEWS / 01/22/2019

Architect designs high-rise building using the Cree LCT System

The international roll-out of the Cree LCT building system is supported by the unique cloud technology of the BIMobject platform, which allows one to...

NEWS / 08/24/2018

Construction 4.0 - transforming the industry through digitisation

In the next two decades we will witness a massive transformation where buildings will be first built virtually and the use of machine learning...

NEWS / 07/31/2018

Thunderbolt for Housing Market

Austria: Timber-hybrid construction specialist Cree and prefab-house market leader ELK are bundling their competences and launching first joint...

NEWS / 07/02/2018

New Managing Director for Cree

Bernd Oswald takes on the role as Chief Operation Officer at Austrian timber-hybrid modular construction specialist.

NEWS / 06/15/2018

Conscious Capital

Setting a new course at Rhomberg Ventures: Taras K. Rebet appointed CEO. Investment company already holds a stake in Cree GmbH and several projects.

NEWS / 04/25/2018

Zech joins forces with Cree: a breakthrough in timber-hybrid construction

Zech Group to partner with the Austrian pioneer of timber-hybrid construction. Acting as a platform too is the logical next step in the international...

NEWS / 04/05/2018

Bienvenue, Cree

Austrian timber-hybrid construction specialist awards licence in Luxembourg for its pioneering construction system.