NEWS / 06/15/2018

Conscious Capital

Setting a new course at Rhomberg Ventures: Taras K. Rebet appointed CEO. Investment company already holds a stake in Cree GmbH and several projects.

NEWS / 04/25/2018

Zech joins forces with Cree: a breakthrough in timber-hybrid construction

Zech Group to partner with the Austrian pioneer of timber-hybrid construction. Acting as a platform too is the logical next step in the international...

NEWS / 04/05/2018

Bienvenue, Cree

Austrian timber-hybrid construction specialist awards licence in Luxembourg for its pioneering construction system.

NEWS / 02/28/2018

Hjertelig velkommen, Cree

Austrian timber-hybrid construction specialist grants licence for its pioneering construction system in Denmark.

NEWS / 02/06/2018

Like Lego for grown-ups

Austrian entrepreneur Hubert Rhomberg latest interview to brand eins, Germany’s innovative business magazine, where he talks about how he wants to...

NEWS / 01/19/2018

LCT ONE – the world’s first Lifecycle Tower

The world’s first timber-hybrid high-rise building is setting new standards for sustainability, resource efficiency and quality of life. Building...

NEWS / 11/14/2017

Cree's First Free 1-Hour Webinar

At Cree we believe that on the path towards carbon-neutral building design we need to embrace renewable materials, question conventional processes and...

NEWS / 11/14/2017

Cree Components Update

Updated Cree library now available on BIMobject.

NEWS / 11/28/2016

Majulah Cree

Austrian timber hybrid construction specialist issues licence for its innovative construction system in Singapore.

NEWS / 07/05/2016

Innovative building system for 195,000 architects

Cree goes online – Austrian timber hybrid building specialist makes its innovative building system available worldwide to BIMobject users.