CREE takes another step forward with a licence granted in Belgium

CFE Contracting SA/NV is now a CREE GmbH licence holder for Belgium, with the respective contract having been signed by CEO Raymund Trost, Hubert Rhomberg, CEO of CREE GmbH, and Director Global Licensing, Volker Weissenberger. In doing so, the company has exclusive access to a totally new and digital way of developing and constructing property for its customers and partners. “We are very proud to have expanded our new platform and patented timber-hybrid construction method to a new country,” explains Rhomberg. Belgium is the eighth country to be granted access to the CREE platform as part of their rigorous growth strategy. The first projects have already been planned.


“The CREE system is tried and tested technology that allows architects, investors or contractors to plan and design the projects they want while achieving great benefits in terms of speed, reliability and lifecycle costs,” explains Trost regarding his company’s decision to become a licence holder. The CREE system relies heavily on the naturally renewable raw material, wood. Its key feature is the standardised prefabrication of individual components such as the ceiling, façade, columns and the core, which then simply need to be assembled on site, thus reducing noise, dust and the time required, as well as saving resources and money. “Furthermore, this modular method of construction makes it possible to apply the system globally using regional resources even when building on a large scale, and significantly reduces CO2 emissions,” explains Hubert Rhomberg. “This is particularly beneficial to customers and building companies like CFE Contracting, for example.”


Additionally, the platform used by CREE allows all parties to digitally visualise and organise building elements, components, designs or full solutions in terms of space and time, and thereby map the entire lifecycle of the CREE building. The platform can be used without restriction by all parties for planning, calculating and construction support. Thanks to this “cybernetic table”, factors relevant to investors, architects or technical planners such as speed, cost security and quality are guaranteed on the one hand, while on the other hand, there is an ongoing exchange of knowledge and know-how between all parties.


Under licence, main contractors and developers like CFE Contracting can ensure the implementation of the system and that they are taking the lead in their home market: “CFE has through its subsidiary Laminated Timber Solutions already a long and recognised experience in wood constructions. Digital innovations and a rapid shift towards resource-efficient construction processes are changing our industry,” says CFE Contracting’s CEO Trost. “Through closer partnerships and knowledge sharing throughout the value chain combined with the increased use of smart technologies such as CREE, we will be able to bring integrated solutions to the urbanization, mobility and sustainability challenges our societies are facing.”



About CFE Contracting SA/NV

CFE, founded in 1880, is a Belgian industrial group active in three different areas of business: dredging, construction and real estate. CFE Contracting encompasses all of the group’s activities connected with construction, multitechnics and rail and utilities in Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland. The company employs 3,459 staff and has an annual turnover of €935 million.



About CREE GmbH

CREE’s name is borrowed from one of North America’s First Nations, who lived in close harmony with nature. It also stands for Creative Resource & Energy Efficiency, and as part of Rhomberg Ventures – CREE’s owners along with the renowned Zech Group – it is the natural result of four generations of construction experience. Founded in 2010, the company aims to use innovative strategies to provide inspiration and ideas for improving the way we live and work with nature. New approaches focus on reducing the use of resources and energy over the whole lifecycle of buildings, taking into account the need to combat climate change. CREE has awarded international licences for its hybrid timber building system so that other companies can share in its groundbreaking approach.



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